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شرکت راهسازی و معدنی مبین

Mobin Mining & Road Construction Company is one of the largest leading private companies in mining operations, which has started its activities since 1994. This company has so far performed more than 1.3 billion tons of mining and striping operations in various mines in Iran. Moreover, from the beginning of 2006 and by entering the dam construction activities, Mobin Company reached a new achievement in its contracting activities.
The company, aimed at taking the maximum advantage of successful experiences and comprehensive management, as well as creating confidence in employers, has been able to be among the best mining companies in the country. Mobin Company currently carries out about 70 million tons of mining and striping operations annually. The company has a major role in most of the major mines of the country, so that it has been turned into a powerful and trusted assistant for employers and government officials, especially Iranian Mines and Mining Industries Development and Renovation Organization (IMIDRO), National Iranian Copper Industries Company (NICICO) and Iran Minerals Production and Supply Company (IMPASCO).

Creating the spirit of teamwork and promoting the belief that we have the ability to work on large scales have been the core competency of the board of directors, based on which the activity strategy of the company has been plotted. The expert workforce is of especial importance in the strategy of the Mobin Company. The company has peaked by 1700 expert and capable workers who work in a technical environment based on teamwork to seek the best solutions and services for optimum exploitation of the mines of the country regarding the domestic needs.

Personnel of the Company

Strategy and Perspective

The Mobin Company has always attempted to create an interactive environment for its personnel based on continuous learning and training. Holding specialty courses in the research and education centers based on the educational needs assessment and paving the way for scientific and practical growth of the personnel have been among the central programs of the company in education. Relying on the experiences and technical science of its expert managers and forces and using large-scale and unique equipment, the Mobin Company has been able to finish all its projects at the lowest costs and sooner than predicted schedules. The reduction in the finished prices of services in the company by taking advantage of the experiences obtained in the undertaken projects, creation of a comprehensive, integrated management system, rise in the efficiency by selecting optimum equipment and using the modern science and continuous training in employing and maintaining them, design and creation of integrated databases and required networks for control, analysis, and monitoring, rise in the organizational productivity and reduction in the costs, revision and improvement of control and monitoring systems to increase the quality and safety in the projects, as well as the production of spare pieces of equipment inside the country, are among the activities of the Mobin Company, which have offered competitive advantages.

Currently, the Mobin Company has more than 300 mineral heavy equipment, some of which are unique in Iran in terms of size. The company also has very good conditions in the maintenance of equipment based on international standards. While Iran has been subjected to economic sanctions for a long time, and the manufacturing companies have no active representatives in the country for immediate provision of spare pieces, the Mobin Company, with the efforts of its technical managers and experts in the equipment. As a result, it has obtained technical science, provided employment, staunched the foreign currency drain, increased self-reliance, and created confidence inside the country, while allowing for the full exploitation of the equipment.
Relying on its honorable background and looking toward the bright high horizons of the future, the Mobin Company is considered among the most reliable companies in providing contracting and exploitation services in the civil and mining engineering projects, and it is hopeful of taking even a small step toward the increasing development of our dear country, Iran.



Regarding the development plan of the country, Mobin Mining & Road Construction Company has begun the construction of processing plants in the Mehdiabad mine to create more added value in the production cycle of minerals and complete the value chain in the country. In this regard, the exploration, mining, striping, studies, and executive operations of the construction of plants are simultaneously completed in this mine. After expectation for many years, the Mehdiabad Lead and Zinc Mine, which is considered as one of the largest lead and zinc mines of the world, is planned to produce 800000 tons of zinc concentrate and 80000 tons of lead concentrate. By implementing this project, which has employed more than 1000 people in the region, a new era has begun to grow the lead and zinc industry of the country and world.

Some activities, certificates, and honors of the company:
The first rank of contract work in mining
One of the first private companies leading in mining operations

Performing more than 1.3 billion tons of mining and striping in various mines of the country

Activity in most of the major and large mines of the country

Having more than 300 active heavy equipment in projects

Mobin has always attempted to create an interactive environment for its personnel based on continuous learning and training.
The holder of ISO 21502 on project management

The holder of ISO 9001 on quality management

The holder of OHSAS 45001 and ISO 14001 on occupational health and environmental management

The holder of HSE-MS on health, safety, and environment